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Six Months On...

Looking back...
Six Months. It’s hard to put into words just how amazing the last six months have been. I never thought it would go this well! In fact, I’m not sure I had any expectations at all. I didn’t let myself look too far into the future. It was always one day at a time, one project at a time, one steep learning curve at a time! And now here I am, a real-life author and illustrator, supporting myself through my creativity.

There have been so many highlights. Finishing my life-goal of writing a book was definitely one! Especially that moment when I got to hand my youngest brother the finished manuscript. Another highlight has been each of my commissions, each totally different and so much fun! A further highlight, bizarrely enough, has been the achievement of creating my own website. As someone who has always felt so nervous around technology, that was a huge leap of faith… and it has ended with a product I am incredibly proud of. Of course, setting up my online shop and selling my Self-Care Creativity Winter Workbook was another high point in this journey. I can still remember when my first order came in and how I practically bounced off the walls with joy!

But the best thing, undoubtedly, about the last six months has just been that I get to do what I love. I get to sit down in the morning at my art desk and paint, or write, or do some creative entrepreneurial task, or record a podcast. And I LOVE it. I can’t believe there was a time when I didn’t spend even a minor portion of the week on my passion for creativity.

If I have learned one lesson these past six months, it’s the power of baby steps. Each bumbling little step forward has felt out of my comfort zone. But over time, these little steps have amounted to quite a significant journey forward. All I can say is, bring on the next six months!

I love working at my art desk!

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