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5-10 business days


thank you notes

on most orders*

Eco-friendly packaging

Excellent customer support

when issues arise

*Question: Why are there handwritten notes on most orders and not all orders? 

  Answer: Because Holly sends a handwritten note whenever she fulfills an order personally. This includes all greetings cards, stationery, art prints, books and some giftware. However, some of her giftware is shipped straight from the manufacturers, meaning that a note won't be added to these items. 

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Shipping Rates Table

See the following UK* shipping rates. These may update from time to time as national shipping charges change. 

Shipping is calculated on a points system. Each item is given an assigned shipping point score. If you order several items, the points are added together to give the total shipping point score. You can see the individual shipping point score and range of every item on its product page.

There is FREE shipping for all A5 art prints. 

*If you are a non-UK household, you will be charged a flat rate shipping fee of £9.99. We are working on improving international delivery options. Thank you with your patience as set up for global delivery.

Shipping Points
Shipping Cost
Range One
0 - 0.2
Range Two
0.2 - 2.9
Range Three
2.9 - 6.9
Range Four
6.9 - 11.9
Range Five
11.9 - 32.9
Range Six
32.9 - 43.9
Range Seven
43.9 - 65.9
Range Eight
65.9 - 98.9
Range Nine
98.9 +

Shipping Times 

Please allow up to 10 business days for shipping.

As a small business, Holly fulfills nearly all Kettle & Quill orders herself. This means that things take a little longer than it would at a big company.


However, she will do her best to get orders to you as quickly as possible, especially around celebration days like Easter, Mothers' Day and Christmas. 

Some items are fulfilled by one of Holly's manufacturing partners. This company says they take 2-3 weeks to deliver, but the truth is that items usually get delivered much quicker than this, around the 1 week mark.

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