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Our Sustainability Commitment

Our Sustainability Mission

We are committed to producing beautiful giftware using the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and practices we can. 

We reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing materials sustainably, and working with suppliers who also have a strong commitment to the environment. One of our suppliers, for instance, plants a tree for every order we make. All of our greeting cards are made from paper that supports The Woodland Trust, and we take care to use biodegradable packaging. Many of our products are also made especially to order, meaning that there is never any waste. 

As our small business grows, we are committed to quality and sustainability. 

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Supporting The Woodland Trust

Eco-friendly product ranges

Recyclable and Biodegreable Packaging

Made to order products - no waste

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Current Wins

  1. All greeting cards made from uncoated paper from responsibly managed forests. Every card supports The Woodland Trust. 

  2. 100% of our products are made in the UK and all our paper products are printed locally to Holly's hometown. 

  3. All packaging is either biodegradable, recyclable or 'naked' - i.e. no single waste packaging at all. 

  4. We are developing new eco-friendly product ranges, such as our Premium Eco Shopper Bag and Organic Apron, which are made from 100% organic cotton. 

  5. We work with suppliers who care about the environment. All our coasters and tea-towels come from a manufacturer who plants a tree for every order.

 Ongoing Improvements

  1. Continue to develop our eco-friendly ranges.

  2. Look into carbon offsetting all our shipping to customers. 

  3. Continue to seek out new suppliers for whom environmental concerns are high on the agenda. 

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