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Est. 2024

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Where it all began...

From the world of academia to the world of art

Holly's vision to become an artist didn't emerge until her mid-20s.


Although she loved painting cards and writing creative stories for her brothers as a child, Holly focused on getting good grades and doing the 'sensible' thing. She ended up studying History at Cambridge University.

In fact, the student Holly wouldn't believe where she would end up just a couple of years down the line...

The dark days...

A physical and mental breakdown

Two years into studying theology to become a priest, Holly suffered a physical and mental breakdown. 

Most days brought migraines, horrific nightmares, flashbacks and suicidal thoughts. Moreover, her body was overcome with extreme fatigue. She was diagnosed with PTSD in spring 2022 and decided to quit training to be a priest so she could focus on her health. 

However, these dark days sowed the seeds for beautiful growth to come. During rare moments of energy, Holly turned to painting. The stage was set for a return to her love of art.


A new beginning...

A period of creative growth

Soon, Holly was writing and painting every day. She recovered enough strength to begin a part-time job and focused on developing a creative practice. 

In September 2022, she set up her first creative business - Holly Moeller Creative. She took painting commissions, launched an art collection and wrote her debut fantasy novel. 

This was a period of experimentation, growth and joy as she unleashed the creative juices she'd pent up for so long. However, she had no clear direction or identity to her new creative business.

The idea for Kettle and Quill...

A competition turned opportunity

In August 2023, Holly decided on a whim to enter a giftware artist competition. To her utmost surprise, she placed high in the contenders list and won the bestselling design out of 6000 entries. 

Not one to hang about, she quickly set about designing her first giftware collection. It proved a real hit with her customers. 


Holly started to dream about setting up an artsy giftware business. 


Established 2024...

The big launch

Holly decided to make her dream of being an artist full time into reality.


The next few months were filled with testing product samples with different manufacturers. A new website was created, and a greeting card line begun. 

In spring 2024, Kettle & Quill was officially launched into the world. 

The vision: a beautiful line of artsy giftware that customers would love giving.

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