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You get your very own original artwork, with beautiful brushstrokes, textured paper and signed by the artist. 


The Solo Puffin is a breathtakingly simple and yet striking design. It features one solo puffin standing on the rocks. As a spot illustration, it has no background - the negative space makes the bright colours of the puffin even more vibrant and beautiful. This painting would be perfect as a gift for a loved one, and its gender neutral background means it can be gifted on to any gender.


Dimensions: 24cm x 16cm

Dimensions with mount and frame: 29.7cm x 21cm


Frame details: Holly orders in bespoke frames to order. The frame is made of Nordic distressed wood with an ivory mount.


The Solo Puffin is bound to bring a splash of colour, brightness and joy to your wall.

Solo Puffin Original

  • Please be aware that if you opt for a mount and frame, the painting will take a couple of extra weeks to reach you. Holly orders in bespoke frames to order, therefore she needs to wait for your frame to arrive before she can post your framed original to you. Thank you for your understanding.

  • The artist retains the copyright of any original sold. This means that Holly is entitled to use a digital copy of this artwork to create other gifts and art prints. The owner of the original does not hold the right to reproduce the work for commerical reasons.

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