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Thoughtful Valentines Gift Ideas For Him

Feeling stuck about what to get your guy for Valentines? Yeah, us too. Men are notoriously hard to buy for at the best of times… let alone on Valentines Day!  

So… Kettle & Quill is here to help give you some giftspiration for your dilemma.

We have five thoughtful, unique gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift to express your love to the guy in your life. After all, what could be better than celebrating the bond you two share?

Sit back and peruse the options on offer. What will you go for?

1.      Fandom T-shirt

Is your man a Trekkie fan? Lord of the Rings? Marvel Universe? You’re sure to put a smile on his face by getting him something that reminds him of his favourite films.

While it might sound a bit ‘twee’, this gift is communicating to him that you recognise and validate what he cares about. You see his interests and you support them. It’s a thoughtful gesture that is sure to touch his heart.

Plus, this gift idea has the added benefit that you can find hundreds of merchandise options for these franchises that will suit a range of different budgets.

(Effort Level: low Budget: low to medium)

2.      Board Game  

Gone are the days of Snakes and Ladders. Today you can find a fantastic range of fun board games covering every topic imaginable. Find one with a topic you will both enjoy and then enjoy a date night battling it out for supremacy across the dining room table! Add in some snacks and a glass or two of something special and you have a lovely memory to share.

A great option for couples with a competitive streak!

(Effort level: medium Budget: medium to high)

3.      Surprise Date Day

You could choose to push the boat out and arrange a surprise trip for your guy. First, make sure that he has booked off a whole day for the two of you to spend together. (Essential pre-planning!)

Then, get organising. You can opt for paid activities, but it would be equally fun to plan things that won’t break the bank. Why not take him to the seaside and grab fish and chips by the beach? Or head out for a little walk around a local nature reserve, having packed a picnic basket. If the weather is bad, find a museum in a nearby city and finish it off with a film night at home.

The wonderful thing about this gift is that not only will the two of you share loads of quality time,

but he’ll also recognise the effort that you put in to

making a special treat for him.

Effort level: high, Budget – up to you 

4.      A Photo Album

Does your guy have a sentimental streak? In that case, why not put together a little photo album sharing some of your favourite memories?

If you are a craft-lover, you could opt to hand-make a photo album with paper and glue. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like handmade. But if the idea of glue and scissors horrifies you, there are plenty of online photobook companies that will sort the ‘making’ bit for you.

Part of the special part of this gift is getting to open the photo album together and laugh over the different photos and memories.

Effort level: high; Budget: medium

5.      A Thoughtful Card

Sometimes, buying an actual gift may not be the way to go – either because of budget, time constraints, or simply because the two of you decide you’d rather not do the whole ‘Valentines’ thing this year.

If that’s you, then this option may be the best choice for you. You can spend a couple of quid on a lovely card, and then take ten minutes writing down a thoughtful, personal message to him. Tell him about your favourite memory from this last year. Include one thing you’re really looking forward to together in the coming few months. Write a little list of the characteristics that make you fall in love with him every day a little more.

This is a low energy, low cost option that allows you to celebrate your love for each other and mark Valentines in a way that is gentle and low-key, but still full of meaning and heart.

Effort level: low; Budget: very low

If you are looking for a Valentines Card, Kettle & Quill has a new design out this month! Take a look here >>




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